Thursday, January 5, 2012

Acquire all the lands...

I am trying to decide what is the best way to get a play set of MTG Dark Ascension.
1st let me tell you how MTG Inn went, like it always does. I spend a lot of money and don't have a play-set.

1-Pre-release draft (cracked Lil)
2-Release picked up two boxes and draft
3-about 3 weeks later picked up two more boxes and 2 fat packs
After all that I do not have a full playset of MTG Inn. Missing Grimgrin and a few other mythics. I have almost all the rares except some of the lands, and of course all the commons.

Here is the problem:
For the money I spent on cracking packs I feel like I could have just bought a full playset from SCG or some other site and not have as many extra commons. I live in the city and space is a premium. I don't want 27 commons of the same card. I do want 4 though so I can play what ever deck I get a fancy to play.
So I asked a question...

And the answer was...

I think I am going to try buying a playset after talking to Twitterverse instead of cracking packs this time. But even this is a little disappointing...
A site/card seller/shot caller to start selling play-sets with x1 foil x3 non-foil of each card. I don't want to buy a play-set and then buy a foil set. I don't need five of each card but I would like x1 of the play-set to be foil in case I want to use it in a EDH deck later. Do you think this is too much to ask? Doesn't seem like it would be hard to price or sale...someone make this happen.

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