Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jar of Eyeballs

The day I have been waiting for is here: Jar of Eyeballs.

What did Twitter have to say about my Jar of Eyeballs?

Why do I love this card so much? What is not to love about eyeballs? Jawbreaker eyeballs were my favorite at the candy store. Floating eyeballs in my friends drinks on Halloween was hysterical (for me anyways). Playing eyeballs against a the super serious will be the most fun ever in the history of ever.

Thank you for my Jar. He is going in a deck I will take to FNM and beat someone with. When I cast it
I will say, "I got my eyes on you."

As a side note. I love Monday Night Magic and as Jack is talking to me on my iPod I can't help
but picturing him as The Vampire Lestat. With that refined Southern accent. I think he must
be sipping a fine scotch, surrounded by priceless antiques. 

Say it ain't so Joe :(

PS: Hold your foil Jars for me cause I am totally that idiot and will will totally trade with you for them :)
Not trolling being totally serious. I want some damn foil Jars. Keep me in mind if you get any!

When you open your store if the prices are good I will def buy from you but dad-gum perk up man!
IT IS A JAR OF EYEBALLS! Nothing could be cooler! Maybe a JAR OF BRAINS!

Ok. I find you awesome again. 

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