Monday, January 9, 2012

When I got off a reallllyyy long shift I ran to the mail box and had two envelopes! I tore into them so fast I scared my dog lol. And inside was my spoils from an awesome weekend on twitter with three amazing giveaways form @JWLZ85 and @sigfig8. If you don't follow these awesome Tweeps you are doing it all wrong. Who doesn't like awesome? Who doesn't like giveaways?

Here are my treasures:

The detail on these in just indescribable. @JWLZ85 is one of a kind. I will doing all my alter work in the future
through her. If I can talk her into it :P

Another thing I loved is she really listened to my idea of what I wanted and then made it come about
in a way that unique and even better then what I had asked for. 

The camera doesn't do this card justice. I wish you could see it in person to see the detail and

The detail on the Sleep Hollow Moorland Haunt is stunning. I esp love the windmill in the
background of the mood and shadow work with the grass/trees.

@sigfig8 did a super cool giveaway of signed cards. I got my Signed Serra and I haven't put her down lol.

I love her way more then is appropriate. 

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