Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let Me Show You Awesome...spelled @jwlz85

First I saw this:

I mean how bitching is this Maze of Ith?

Then this happened:

I responded with the idea of making Moorland Haunt one of my favorite all time movies: Sleepy Hollow

And guess what?

That is right folks! I won! She picked my idea and I am going to be the proud new owner of her amazing new alter. Want to see what it looks like? Of course you do!

and there was a little whining...but I don't care care look how awesome that is. I am going to beat so many ppl and in style!


  1. D:
    "Inferior"? Hardly. Does she have a portfolio somewhere?

  2. I am yelling at her every day till she makes one. She just started altering so she still trying to work everything out. When she gets one I will def update here :)