Friday, January 6, 2012

Sick Brags from a Girl Gamer!

This week was pretty effing awesome. I entered three giveaways and won all three. The Moorland Haunt by awesome new alter artist @jwlz85 I already previewed but wait till you see what I won yesterday!

Holy. Fuck. She is stunning. @jwlz85 just outdid herself. Coming to a EDH game near you will be a Wonder Woman ass whooping. If you don't follow her on twitter you are a dumbdumb. Prove fact.

Then while I was drooling over my new Basandra Wonder Woman this happened:

@sigfig8 does the awesome giveaways every few hundred followers. If you don't follow him your a dumbdumb. Prove fact.

What did I win are you wondering? Only this awesomeness:

If you don't know of his blog it is here: Sigs Corner 
I love following along on his pack to power cause I am not brave enough to try that yet :P

Is this whole blog post about me bragging about winning this awesomeness? Why yes. Yes it is. It is also about the reason I love Magic. Cause there are amazing people like these two who make it fun for everyone.  Nothing compares to making new friends and meeting chill peeps. Nothing.

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