Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Collect All The Lands: Where to Shop

My Grandfather's favorite saying is, "different stokes for different folks". If he was around I know he would have quoted "honey badger don't give a shit" often. His philosophy was I don't care what you do, you don't care what I do and we will all get along. I think this is a very useful philosophy to have in Magic Community.

Some people collect #MTG cards and never play one game.

Some people only play and wouldn't have a problem drawing smiley faces on Mox or Lotus because they don't collect. It is all for fun.

There are some in between. They play, they collect and some times they try to speculate.

Some alter, some sell, some stockpile.

How ever you choose to enjoy Magic the Gathering go ahead and do your thing. I am in between. I started when there was no such thing as sleeves. We shuffled our Alpha/Beta/Revised cards like a blackjack dealer. (I am sure if we knew what they would be worth we have done some things different.) The main reason I am part collector is because I want to be able to play what I want when I want. If I see an awesome brew someone created or want to try new tech I don't want to have to wait two weeks for an order to come. For me it is about playing. Not stock piling gold bullion. Though there is nothing wrong with stock piles of gold anything :)

Buying ALL the Lands will require multiple resources. After asking the Twitterverse and some research here are the choices:

 (work in progress, but they do have a MOTL site)

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