Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Magic History

I happened upon two boys opening shiny white packs full of cards one summer many moons ago. Inside these glistening packs were some of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen.  The most beautiful of all was named Serra. I begged and begged until my Mom took me to purchase my own shiny white packs. It turns out the store only had two packs left. They had not gotten many packs in the first place and these packs were sold out everywhere. I felt like the luckiest girl I had even got one pack but then I opened first pack.  I knew I was the luckiest girl. Serra was in there.  

Flash forward to my 30th birthday. My marriage of 10 years is failing. I have one special needs daughter who is the light of my life. Her Daddy, who had trouble finding his niche in life for years, is growing tired of the City of Lights, of the challenges we faced. He is ready for something different.  I ship my daughter to school one day and drive off to work. Then I came home.  My house was empty of mostly everything.  My ex-husband was gone along with the Magic Collection I had been building since I was just a little girl. It hurt too much. There was no way I could replace the cards I had been collecting since Beta. I was never playing Magic again.

Flash forward to World Wake.  I met a man. A man who doesn’t mind I am a single mother of a disabled child. We eventually begin co-habitation. One day he opens a “junk drawer” that had a long white box in it. Upon opening the box he discovered a deck box full of an old deck and some other random cards like my Maze of Ith. I had a small part of collection stashed. I had forgotten about it. It didn’t contain any of my old Power Nine but it did have the most important card to me. My first Serra. The one I opened from my first shiny pack. He asked me why I have these cards.  He asked me to teach him.  Watching him get excited and want to go to his first FNM made it impossible for me to resist. I tried to let go of the cards I would never play again and just be happy that I finally found someone I can share my hobby with.

Flash-forward 2011. I now have my second child with my amazing new man. He is five months old and I can’t wait to teach him Magic when he is old enough to join me and his Dad. Now I want more than anything to rebuild my collection and pass it to him one day.
I have decided to spend the next two years collecting, trading and purchasing ALL THE LANDS. I am hoping to collect one of every non-basic land printed in Magical History. Then after that is complete, collect a play set. Let the shenanigans begin.  
I hope to be trading with you soon! I have come for your lands!

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